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McConnell Scholars Program, University of Louisville

Number of Users: 46
Total Service Hours (as of Fall 2016): 1,370

The McConnell Scholars Program at the University of Louisville is a prestigious enrichment program comprised of 40 undergraduate students. Graduating high school seniors apply for admission, and the program accepts 10 students each year, all of whom are guaranteed full tuition scholarships. The admissions process is highly competitive and part of the application requests community service history.

McConnell Scholars students participate in liberal arts seminars, meet national leaders, and take part in domestic and international internships and a variety of networking opportunities. Students are also required to submit at least 35 hours of community service per semester. The McConnell Scholars Program began using MobileServe in December 2015. The program keeps their logging simple–students categorize each service log as either “Outside Hours” or “Inside Hours” and then provide a brief description of their activities. The Program Manager can easily monitor each students’ progress towards their requirement and can use the Leaderboard to highlight those Scholars who go above and beyond the 35 hour requirement. Last year the top ten Scholars, on average, reported 97 hours on MobileServe.