MobileServe for Government

We work with several government agencies who are using MobileServe in a variety of ways. We have government partners whose mission is entirely service-based. Their employees, volunteers, partners, and sometimes even their clients, use MobileServe to log the work they’re doing. They’ve been able to show greater visibility into their services, how they’re distributing their time, and their effectiveness.

We’re also working with departments and programs who are using MobileServe specifically for their grant reporting requirements. They can more accurately report on grant-funded positions, their programmatic activities, and on their matching requirements, while also easily differentiating between discretionary and non-discretionary funds. We have pass-through entities and Grant Managers who recommend their recipients use MobileServe, as it makes reporting easier for both sides. They can see the progress of individual recipients in real-time, and when it’s time for the pass-through entity to compile their own reports, they can export everything they need.

More recently, we’ve partnered with organizations responsible for monitoring populations who have some form of mandatory requirements. These organizations are using MobileServe to verify activities, track compliance, and easily monitor progression towards their requirements.