Give Back

As part of their organization’s community outreach initiative, Melina and Sam volunteer their time helping build a community greenhouse.

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Record It

With the MobileServe app, they can quickly and easily keep track of their service work.

When they’re leaving the greenhouse each day, they record how long they were there, what they did to help, and tag their location -- all with just a few taps on their phones or tablet.

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Share the Experience

With one more tap, Melina adds a photo to her service log and can share her experience with her family and friends across her social channels.

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Generate Reports

As soon as Melina and Sam submit their logs, they’re added to their organization’s dashboard. Only the Administrators of the organization have access to the dashboard.

The Admins can approve logs and ask for additional information. At a glance, they can see the number of members who are volunteering, how many hours they’ve served, and where they’ve been providing service.

They can also build custom reports, download infographics, and export their data.

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Maximize the Momentum

Melina and Sam are connected with members of their organization and can see who’s providing the most service on a leaderboard. This creates friendly competition among the members, while providing Admins an opportunity to recognize members.

Melina and Sam can also use MobileServe to encourage their networks to volunteer. They can invite their phone contacts and Facebook friends to the app, they can create service events for their friends, and they can share social content. It’s a win for them, their organization, the people they’re providing service to, and their community.

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