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Transform Student Service Projects: No Paperwork, More Impact

Whether you have service requirements or not, MobileServe can make your school’s service projects so much easier. With an app that students enjoy using and fewer administrative headaches, our clients have more complete and reliable information on the social impact of their students and their school as a whole. Read about how some of our current clients are using MobileServe to manage their student volunteers and service projects.

The Grauer School in San Diego, CA

The Grauer School volunteering at San Elijah Lagoon Conservancy

Photo from a student’s MobileServe log: service project at San Elijah Lagoon Conservancy in May 2016.

Number of Active MobileServe Users: 190
Total Service Hours as of Summer 2017: 21,005

The Grauer School is an independent college preparatory school near San Diego, CA that serves about 150 students in grades 7-12. The school places great emphasis on real-world engagement for its students and contributing to the community. As part of their curriculum, students are required to complete 12.5 hours of community service each year, and most students exceed that requirement.

The Grauer School began using MobileServe in February 2016, organizing its students by class year. The administrator can run reports for individual classes as well as for the school as a whole. Using the Goals feature, their admins can easily see students’ progress and identify which students need nudging, which students have met their requirement, and which students have gone above and beyond their requirement.

When last year’s Seniors graduated, the Grauer School admin simply removed “Class of 2016” from her dashboard. The data from the class of 2016 will still show up in reports for that timeframe, but those students will no longer be able to report hours to The Grauer School. Their MobileServe accounts remain active, so they can continue tracking their service hours as long as they’d like. The Grauer School regularly utilizes MobileServe’s export function in order to import their service log data into its student grade book portal.

Mercy Academy in Louisville, KY

Mercy Academy students volunteer door to door

Photo from a student’s MobileServe log: students go door to door selling chocolate to help fundraise in November 2016.

Number of Active MobileServe Users: 800
Total Service Hours as of Summer 2017: 26,258

Mercy Academy is a Catholic high school for women in Louisville, KY. Mercy utilizes MobileServe for its Service Learning & Leadership Program. This experience-based program focuses on serving vulnerable populations in the community through direct, one-on-one service as well as through social action. All Mercy Academy students participate in this four-year program, building on their experience each year, and culminating with an action plan their senior year.

Mercy Academy has been using MobileServe since December 2015 and with more than 26,000 hours logged, Mercy students have provided an economic value of $618,649! A key component of the program is “Summer Immersion,” which encourages students to continue service work during summer break. This past summer, Mercy Academy students recorded nearly 2,000 service hours!

When logging their time on MobileServe, students choose from five program-specific service categories, and they are required to have their logs verified by a supervisor at the service organization. The Service Learning and Leadership Coordinator at Mercy also approves each submission and uses the students’ MobileServe logs to issue grades for the program. MobileServe’s approval system allows the Coordinator to provide reasons for rejecting logs, which are emailed to the students with a link to make corrections. This process makes it easy to ensure every log is categorized correctly, so that students fulfill their program requirements.

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