Vice President of Sales and Marketing

January 15, 2018

MobileServe is a fast-growing start-up is looking for the right person to scale their operations.  After two years of product and market validation, MobileServe is poised for explosive growth across multiple segments.

We are looking for the right person to lead our sales and marketing teams.  

The right person is a dynamic leader with experience building successful sales teams, preferably in the B2B software space.  The right person is comfortable hiring, building systems, and creating appropriate incentive structures.  The right person is comfortable with data, experimentation, and a rapid pace of change.  The right person has experience meeting and exceeding sales goals and motivating teams to do the same.  The right person is a senior leader who can help shape the company’s strategy while also personally selling.

Above all, the right person likes to win, likes to have fun, and likes to build and run high performing teams.

This position reports directly to the CEO.  We are looking to build from a team of 3 to a team of 10 in the next year, but you will also be expected to personally sell.