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Volunteers make the world a better place. MobileServe makes volunteering easier.

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Smart Volunteer Tracking

Volunteers can check in at service events with geotagging, or manually log time with only a couple of taps.

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Choose Verification Options

Select from 3 verification methods, or mix and match to create the ideal process for your organization.

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Social Integrations & Sharing

Volunteers can show off their hard work by sharing posts and photos across their social networks directly from the app.

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Friend Invites & Competition

There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to keep your volunteers engaged. Users can connect with friends and check the leaderboard to see who’s tracked the most volunteer time.

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Aggregate Data & Reporting

View, filter, and export data from the MobileServe administrative dashboard. Track trends and build custom reports to see the big-picture impact of volunteer work on your organization.

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Fraternities & Sororities



Colleges & Universities

Law Schools

A new way to track and verify service hours.

No more missing sign-in sheets, guesstimating dates and hours, or manually inputting data. MobileServe makes tracking and verifying service hours easy — so you have more time, better records, and less frustration.

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Serve For Hours. Track in Seconds.

MobileServe is easy to use, mobile, and social. It’s volunteer reporting for a new generation.

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